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What Google is suspected of?

11According to The Wall Street Journal, Google was blamed for having agreement with Barak Obama and providing him with a cheat victory in the President elections. If to speak concretely, Google is blamed for supporting Obama’s campaign.

Results of searching the requests, connected with Obama redirect to sites, which contain the name of the President once again. These results contain links to the following requests: [Medicare], [Iran], [gay marriage] and so on.

Google representatives announced, that there were no changes in their search algorithm, connected with the names of Barak Obama and Mitt Romney and the fact, that requests like [Medicare], [Iran], [gay marriage] direct to sites, connected with Obama, is the result of his political activity.

Nevertheless, they didn’t explain, why the photo of Romney was in search results for the request [completely wrong]. It wasn’t the first time, when Google was blamed for a hidden support of Obama’s pre-electing campaign. In 2011 Google also assured the society, that the Company doesn’t have any agreements with Obama.

January 11, 2013