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What are the obligitary SEO components of the site optimization?

It can be said, that Internet is a big social network. Nowadays it becomes more and more difficult to attract visitors.

At the present time, users become more attentive. They play by their own rules and select exact information, which they need. That’s why SEO-specialists are inventing new effective methods to attract users to their sites, to increase traffic and to gain more money. Below you can find SEO components, which are obligatory to provide your site with the leading places in search results.


1.       External links.  All sites will be happy to become leaders of the search results. It is not very easy to earn this place, because there are a great number of competitive sites. To increase the position in search results owners use different strategies to grow the mass of the inbound links. It is one of the main steps to start a SEO-optimization of the site. The essence of such method is that users, who like your content, place it in external resources with the link to your site and attract visitors by thereby.


2.       Keywords. Keywords are the basis of a strategy to develop your site.  Of course, they must be keywords, which are relevant to the theme and content of the site. For example, if you own the site of the firm, which repairs computers, you should choose the keywords like “where to repair apple notebooks”. Also useful are the keywords with the location of the company. For example “computer repair in Portland”. You should choose the most frequent requests. But you shouldn’t overdo your efforts. The search engine won’t understand the theme of the text if there are a great number of keywords in it.

Optimizing your site, you shouldn’t forget about beautiful and easy-to-use design and qualified content. It is also very important.

January 18, 2013