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The anatomy of a wonderful content



If you have your own site, you definitely heard an advice “Create a qualified content and a success will follow you”. You may think that the creation of a new content is a very easy thing. But when you start to write your first article, you can have no idea about what to write and how to do it. Maybe, our article will help you to create yours.


The quality of the content can be seen from 2 views:

  1. The demands of users
  2. The demands of search systems.

1. The user’s demands.

1.1. About what should I write? What user wants?

It is really “wonderful” to start your work with such questions, but they are really very important. To answer them, we should look at some statistics. It is well-known, that the search engines gather information about user’s interests. So, let’s use these statistics.

You should use the google function “Google Adwords”. If we enter, for example, the keyword “yoga”, we will get a great number of sub-themes. They touch on topic more deeply. The examples of the most frequent sub-themes are-yoga for beginners, yoga exercises, yoga at home. Aren’t they good themes of the article? Many people search for information about it. Why not to meet their requirements?

1.2.  I have chosen a theme. What’s next?

After choosing the main topic of your article, it is extremely important to understand what other associations and thoughts regarding such topic an average reader usually has, what kind of information he wants exactly to get. Let’s turn to statistics again. For example, we have picked ‘Yoga at home’ topic. With the help of the same tool we can get the list of interests closely related to our main theme. Google AdWords shows us that within our main topic there are two highly demanded sub-topic: ‘yoga at home for beginners’ and ‘yoga at home exercises’. Looking some further at the stats we can find out that photo and video materials concerning our topic are also in high demand.

Finally, we can make a short plan for our article:

  1. Introduction
  2. Yoga for beginners
  3. Yoga at home. Exercises.
  4. Photo, video
  5. Conclusions

We think that many people will like the article, which has such. Do you agree?

But the list of contents and the main topic are just a small part of the whole article writing craft. It is more difficult to represent the theme in clear and distinct words.  Search engines reached closer to the notion “qualified content” now. That’s why you should create your content according to those changes.

2. Search engine’ demands and requirements.

2.1. Uniqueness.

Uniqueness is the basic element. When we create an original content, we must pay much attention to  it. Nobody wants to hear what he has already heard. Nobody wants to read what he has already read. It is very important to point out, that uniqueness is not a figurative notion. It is a touchable quality of the information.

2.2. The ways to perceive information.

Search systems pay much attention to elements, which help us to perceive the information. These elements are: terms, definitions, titles, references.

No doubt, it is more comfortable to read the structured and marked text.

2.3. Information value

It is a very common situation, that even an original text has no information value. It is one of the most abstract problems, that searching systems have and which we must solve.

The search engines rank the value of information after examination of the size of the text and the quantity of keywords.

But the text, which is full of keywords, usually has no information value. That’s why it is essential to find the golden mean. Text must be read naturally, without irritation.

Last but not least

In this text there are no words about the style of the text, but it doesn’t mean, that it is not an essential aspect. Sometimes the text is not structured and contains small amount of information, but captivates readers very much. The reason is the style of text and it must also be taken into consideration.  But the most important value, the writer’s talent, is impossible to measure. And our advice can be used by all people.

Plan B

There is one more way to get a unique and SEO-friendly quality content: you can order texts from professionals. You may, for example, order a general article, a SEO article or an article spinning.


December 30, 2012