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SEO link building strategy for 2015

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Best SEO Link Building Strategy in 2015?

What is the best SEO link building strategy in 2015? Well, you can safely bet it’s not something that you read about on a four year old forum post. Even using information from last year is not wise if you want to have the best search engine rankings possible. With what’s considered safe, good, and bad changing all the time now, it’s crucial to stay as up to date as possible. We have some tips for developing your own online marketing strategy for 2015, but you shouldn’t be afraid of hiring someone to implement that plan for you – and make sure it’s a good one.

Spam Links vs Natural Links

Before we hand out any tips on coming up with your link building strategy for 2015, we need to talk about the quality of backlinks. While you may be able to get thousands or even millions of backlinks with link spamming techniques, they’re not going to help you as much as a handful of natural links from authority websites.

And who determines whether the link is good or bad, bought or natural? Well, Google and the other search engines. It’s their index, and they can do what they want with it. The thing is, if you’re honest with yourself, it’s rather easy to tell the difference between a quality backlink and one that’s absolute trash – at least for a human.

It takes more time to get good links, but it’s really worth the effort. Don’t have the time to worry about linkbuilding on your own? Not a problem. We’ll have more information on options for you below. Next, however, we’re going to go over three main things you want to keep in mind before you come up with your 2015 link building strategy.

2015 SEO Link Building Strategy

Here are three major things you want to think about before you come up with any strategy for SEO in 2015. And if you’ve created your marketing plan and haven’t taken these items into account, you might want to think about changing it.

Cost – Whether you count it as dollars or hours on the timeclock, you’re going to have to pay for high quality content that will attract natural links.
Creativity – You will also want to be as creative as possible in your link building attempts. The more creativity you add, the better your chances of getting links.
Scalability – Once you find something that’s working, you want to make sure that it’s scalable. That means if you put more money and resources into the method it produces even bigger results for you.

You need to think about a lot of other things beyond the three listed above, but you should have an idea of how hard it is to build links.

Best Way to Build Links?

Unless you have weeks to learn all the ins and outs of modern link building for SEO in 2015, you’re not going to want to attempt it on your own. Fortunately, at SEO Mall, we have a page dedicated to professional SEO service providers who offer a wide variety of ways for you to build links to your website.

March 3, 2015