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Reasons of traffic decrease

The biggest traffic decrease usually happens during holidays or weekends. In spare days people usually have rest and have no time to be in the Internet.

Below you can find other reasons, why traffic decreases.

  1. Seasonality. Sometimes traffic decreases in exact periods of time. For example, nobody will search in summer information about New Year gifts. So, if your site is searched for some season requests, the traffic can fall in some periods of the year.  It is normal and there is nothing to do with it.
  2. Update of search engines. It is also a possible reason of traffic decrease. To return your site to the top places, you should just wait and fill your site with unique content.
  3. The change of design. After you change the design of your site, some URLs can be changed. So, you should just wait when search engines will notice your changes and return your site to search results.
  4. Your site has a duplicated content. Or your content is used by some other web-masters. If you use duplicated content, you should stop to do it. If anybody uses your content, you should find who does it.
  5. Your site contains too much advertising. Follow up, when you placed the last advertising banner and when the traffic began to decrease. Maybe, these two events happened in one time and advertising is a reason of traffic decrease.
  6. Change of search algorithm. Watch over, when the search systems  launched new algorithms. Maybe, these changes are the reasons of the traffic decrease.
  7. Problems with hosting. If your site is often not available, search engines can discover it. The search rank can be lowered because of this reason.
  8. Your site wasn’t updated for a long time. Here can be gradual, not rapid traffic decrease. Sites must be updated. If you don’t do it, your site will lose its positions.
  9. Your competitors become stronger and stronger. Maybe, your competitors earned better positions in search results.

In conclusion we should say, that an advice “work with your site, produce fresh and delicious content and your site will be always on top”, doesn’t work everytime. Sometimes qualified sites suffer from filters and are banned. It happens, because search engine is just an engine, not a human.

January 20, 2013