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Is content freshness an important factor of search ranking?

content-is-the-keyThis question is very important. Matt Cuts answered this question and explained, how Google treats static sites and how it treats sites, which are frequently updated. He said the following: “Google still believes that freshness should be considered as one of the signals for rankings, as it will let users have latest and updated information, also they called it as the QDF (Query Deserves Freshness), this is formerly known as a component of the Google algorithm that pays special attention to queries that may need the fresh content, some incidents like “Earth Quakes” etc. The pages with static but with valuable information will still be considered as legitimate and rank well, but it is cleared that having fresh website with update content in pages will definitely rank you well.” It is well-known, that some sites have static pages. Their themes don’t demand frequent updates. It is one of the main problems for business websites. Matt Cutts advised to solve this problem in the following ways. 1) Have a blog for your static website. 2) Update your static pages with new offers on your products. 3) Add RSS newsfeed to your page matt-cuts We will end our article with the following conslusions: 1. Frequently updated blog will keep even static site alive. You can publish information about your new products on the daily basis. Search engines will treat your site as a fresh one. It is very important to have the root domain of your blog. For example http://example.com/blog is better than http://blog.example.com Sub-domain will be treated as a separate domain. 2. RSS feed is an exact way to keep your pages updated. Make sure, that you have RSS feeds in your web-site. It mustn’t be only your feed. It can also contain feeds from different related sites or news resources.

January 8, 2013