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How to start search engine optimisation

80% of visitors go to the first three websites from search results and only 10 % of them open the second page. That’s why all site owners do their best to provide their sites with the top ranks in search results. It is well-known, that site must be optimized and developed to bring more profit.

There are a lot of ways to improve your search ranking, but not all of them are legal and effective. Nowadays search engines are creating more and more new algorithms to avoid “black SEO” techniques.


Firstly, you should analyze your competitors’ websites before starting your optimization company. Secondly, you should make the list of keywords.

Then you should create tags. They must contain keywords, which are relevant to your page. You should correctly and attentively work out <strong>, <H1>, <H2> and other tags.  They must look natural. It must be easy for search engines to understand the theme of your site.

The next step is to create a content of your site. It must be interesting, unique and frequent. You can create unique articles or rewrite texts, which were written by other people. One text must contain not more than 3 keywords.

Only then you can start to use different SEO services.

January 17, 2013