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How to create a SEO text

how-to-create-seotextSome site-owners prefer to publish texts, where keyword density is 10-15 %, but this approach is definitely wrong. According to SEO Cheshire, keyword density must be high, but not too high.

Try to make your content easy to read. Provide your visitors with a wish to return to your site. It is well-known, that it is difficult for many writers to create a qualified text and to use SEO correctly at the same time.   The main problem is that practically all site-owners use similar methods. It is a hard job to put keywords in the site. More difficult is to make the text humorous and interesting.

Words and phrases, which were prepared earlier, play the key role. Sometimes it is necessary to insert contemporary and modern terms. Do all your best to make your text not boring.

If you want your text to be read, leave it for some time. Then read it from critical point of view. Complete you text with more information, where necessary.

You can also make a rewriting. But don’t forget about search engines. Don’t underestimate their talent to see the duplicated content.

And you can also turn to professionals who will create proper texts with proper keyword density for you.

January 16, 2013