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How to create advertising texts. 4 dispelled myths


The popularity of advertising texts grows rapidly. 6 years ago only few people knew, what copywriting is. Now the situation changed tremendously. Every day thousand of suggestions to create an advertising text appear in Internet. But in reality only small part of such texts can increase sales. Why it happens so? The reason is that most copywriters and their clients are obsessed with 4 stereotypes. They are below.

1.       Anyone can create an advertising text.

Most contemporary writers just sit down and write a text immediately. It is one of the biggest problems. But if it is done correctly, the process of writing the text itself is one of the last stages. Professional copywriters spend 90 % of their time in studying the target audience, product or service, which they sell, offers of competitors. They also create an original selling idea, edit the text. Only 10 % of time is spent on writing the text.

That’s why not every person can create an advertising text. A real copywriter is a marketer, analyst, and psychologist. Only in the last order he is a writer.

2.       Do you want to make an advertising text? Make it in AIDA model.

In reality the usage of AIDA model really helps to receive a big conversion. But it is not the only way. The main thing is that every selling text is based on selling idea. Let’s explain with the help of an example.

In fact, people don’t buy a microwave oven. They buy pizza, which can be cooked in it. You can demonstrate different peculiarities of this oven. You can use bright and attractive titles, limits and slogans. But it will be really difficult to sell this oven without an idea like “you can cook a delicious pizza in this oven”.  Also very important is why the person should buy this oven in an exact place. Add here the big degree of competition and you will have a big and serious marketing task. And you should solve this task not only using fine words.

3.       Nowadays it is possible to buy an advertising text from any freelancer and it will be very cheap.

You can do it, but if the text is very cheap, the probability of its efficiency is very low. It is very easy: if the text brings to its owner a great amount of money, why must the copywriter sell it for the low price? Experienced copywriters and advertising companies understand it and demand proper amount of money for it. After all, a customer pays for text only once. And this text brings him gain every day.

4.       Texts must be as short as possible, cause nobody reads them.

Despite the tendency of Internet users to scan text, not to read it, there are exceptions from this rule. For example, if the customer is really interested in some products, he wants to know everything about it.

For example, some abstract owner has a problem – a lower level of sales. When he opens site with selling text, he has the following questions in his head “Will it exactly work in my situation?”, “What guarantees do I have?”,”How fast will I have the result?”,”Who has already used it?”.

When text contains the answers to such questions (sometimes it requires bigger size of the text), the customer gives confidence for the text and there is the bigger chance, that he will make a purchase. And, by the way, the practice shows, that big texts sell more than short.

The conclusion is that the text must be in enough size to persuade a client. And if you can preserve emotions, you should do it.

Today, product marketers are using 3D product animation technology to help visualize their product in ways that are easier to understand. Not only is this more engaging for viewers, but it’s also an effective way to show different features of a product.


Copywriting is not a magic pill – it is just a marketing instrument. With the right usage it can bring a great amount of sales. You can also make the conversion bigger by making traffic more targeted.

Conclusions, which are written in this article, are not the principle. But if you pay attention to them, you can avoid some mistakes and develop your product in the right direction.

January 21, 2013