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Google offers to reject links

Nowadays Google creates more and more filters. It looks like a war between this Search Company and SEO. For example, Penguin decreased traffic of many sites. The followed updates of Penguin and Panda, continued to touch commercial sites. At the beginning of October Google began to delete sites from search results because of keywords in URL and domain names. Moreover, Google recommended users to avoid all artificial methods to receive links. Google warned users, that there will be penalties for all cross-referencing (even for links in forum profiles or forum signatures). It is understandable, that these penalties for external links will give access for competitors and different cheaters. They can through off qualified commercial sites from search results with the help of spam.

Fortunately, Google decided to give chance for web-masters to protect their sites from such wrecking activities. They launched a new instrument “Disavow links”. It helps to delete harmful links from search results.


Google specialists pointed, that this instrument was made for only experienced web-masters. Most sites don’t need to use it. Google also pointed, that Disavow Links should be used only after receiving a warned message from Google about “dangerous” links. Many web-masters found in this instrument something like “magic pill” from Penguin. It is not known exactly, if it can help or not. That’s why the only way is to try to use it and wait.

In October Google Adwords was also updated. Google Company changed its strategy of coupon use. Now it is possible to receive coupons only after financing advertising from your own money. From the middle of October, other changes of Google Adwords were launched. Rules of software advertising became stricter.

December 30, 2012