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Facebook SEO tips to improve your page


How to Use Facebook SEO Wisely

Is Facebook SEO a thing?  Do you even need to worry about SEO for Facebook and other social network accounts you control? Well, you should. We’re going to go over some tips and advice to help you get the most from your FB business pages. Most of them center around basics search engine optimization, but this makes it even easier for most people to implement them. One of the biggest problems is that people don’t take Facebook SEO seriously.

Better Facebook Business Page SEO

Here are some specific tips you can use to ensure your Facebook business page is as SEO-friendly as possible. We’ve gathered and culled only the best links from some of the most renowned SEO agencies like Home Service Direct. The good news is all of these are easy to implement. Even if you’ve already picked your page title and vanity URL, there are still other things you can do to improve your overall Facebook SEO.

  • Page Title – Trying to capture search engine traffic? Having a Facebook page with a keyword laden title is a good start. However, you don’t want to go overboard. Make sure humans can read it too!
  • Page URL – Before you decide on what URL to choose for your Facebook business page, you should carefully think about it before you decide. You must check a good resource to find more enlightening pieces of information about Facebook business pages. Consider the short term and the long term to make sure you don’t leave anything out.
  • About Text – You don’t get a lot of characters here, but you should fill it with relevant keyword rich text that explains more about your business, website, band, or whatever. Text is your friend.
  • Metadata – Whether it’s a photo caption, a location field or anything else, enter as much metadata with content you post to Facebook as you possibly can. This is good for SEO in many other instances as well.
  • Links In – Links TO your Facebook page are important. While the Facebook domain is super powerful, if your FB business page is being links to from other authority sites, it’s going to appear more important than the billions of other pages on the social network.
  • Contact Info – Believe it or not, adding contact information like a phone number, email address and physical address can help you in the search engines. How? Well, by making you appear more like an authority and trustworthy.
  • Facebook Notes – This is maybe one of the most underutilized features of Facebook, but it’s one that allows you to add quite a bit of text on a subpage. If that text is relevant, full of keywords and has a good title, the opportunities are endless.

Looking at the list above, it’s easy to see that Facebook SEO is still important and will continue to be so for at least as long as the social network is popular. (Remember Myspace or Friendster?) In any case, just because the content isn’t on your own servers or hosted by you doesn’t mean you should forget about search engine optimization basics. One of the best things you can do is to only order SEO services from professionals.


March 3, 2015