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Facebook launches Notice board

14Facebook will release a new service soon. It can compete with such notice boards as Craigslist. Now this project works in test mode.

Facebook specialists inform, that this service will allow users to publish advertisements in different branches.

The possible name of this project is Marketplace. It will place small advertisements in the friends feed. The content of these advertisements can be different and it can touch various spheres of life. These spheres are job-hunting, flat rent and so on.

Each advertisement will cost less than $5. Some categories will be free. For example, flat rent.

As developers think, the most popular will be advertisements about job-hunting. These advertisements will be geo-targeted and will be sorted by different branches.

After reading such message, users can rank it and leave their comments.

It is very important to note, that this service will contain reference information. Users can share their experience in this section.

January 14, 2013