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Disavow links. New google instrument

Google Company announced in their blog a new instrument for webmasters. At the beginning of this summer Matt Cuts promised in his blog, that the new instrument, “disavow links”, will appear soon. His promise came true. If you are sure, that some links affect your site badly, you can use this function.

External links from spam sites can decrease the rank of your site. If you suffered from this problem, you can delete these links from search results to your site.

But google warns that if you didn’t receive warning letters from them, you shouldn’t use this instrument. It can give harm to your site.

The URL to the function “disavow links” is below:


The disadvantage of this function is that you won’t have a dropdown list with the ability to choose what links to delete. You will have to find the bad links by yourself and upload the file with them. It can be a *.txt file with link in each line. Or, if you want to disavow links from the exact domain, you can use the function


If you have a necessity to edit and upload the new links, you should download the file to your computer and upload it again. The limitation is only in the size of the file. It shouldn’t be bigger than 2 Mb.

After you upload the links, they won’t be a strict command to Google. They will be some kind of recommendation. That’s why don’t be surprised of the absence of immediate results. It needs time to re-Index the links. The results will be seen several weeks after.

January 23, 2013