We all love good content – it is, after all, king. But not all marketing specialists know how to create good content with the use of article marketing which clients would be willing to pay for or just read.  Here you can find the most interesting marketing articles dedicated to marketing. They will be regularly updated to answer all the questions about online marketing you might have been too embarrassed to ask elsewhere.  The tips will help you to transform your company’s blog into one of the most attractive and remarkable features of your website. Blogs rich in internet marketing articles can generate a lot of leads and consequently income. Another great benefit of these marketing articles is that they introduce you to the world of marketing jargon which can be quite challenging for newbies. It may sound like gobbledygook to a lay person. If “evergreen content”, “move the needle”, “Leed generation”, “the burning platform” do not ring the bell for you straight away, it is worth checking out the section.