How many backlinks do I need to improve my position in Google?

Let’s face it – we all want our websites to rank higher in Google. The ideal scenario is that your website always ranks on the first page of the search results, however the reality is that achieving a first page ranking can be extremely difficult, especially when you are dealing with highly competitive keywords. One of the questions that people ask the most is ‘how many backlinks do I need to improve my position in Google search?’ and in this article we are going to dig a little deeper into the answer to that question.

How many backlinks do I need to improve my position in Google?

The number of backlinks you need depends on a number of different factors. The reality is that there is no one specific answer to the ‘how many backlinks’ question, with the actual figure varying greatly depending on many different things.

Two of the most important factors are:

1. The level of competition

If you are in a highly competitive niche then you will need more backlinks than a website that is trying to rank well in an uncompetitive niche. Similarly, you will need professional SEO services if you are trying to rank highly for specific competitive keywords.

2. The type and quality of the backlinks

Google attaches more importance to authority sites, so the higher quality of backlinks you achieve, the less quantity you will need. If all of your backlinks come from low quality websites, or websites that are in a totally different niche, for example, then you will need a much greater quantity of links than if your backlinks came from well-known, high-ranking authority sites that cover similar subjects to your own website.

What’s the best way of building backlinks?

When thinking about a Curated link there are several important things to think about.

Focus on quality

Rather than focusing on the ‘how many backlinks’ question, you should instead try to focus on gaining backlinks from authority websites that are relevant to your niche. It is usually better to have less high quality backlinks than many more lower quality backlinks.

Diversify your backlinks

Google is famous for constantly changing what it likes and what it doesn’t, so if all of your backlinks come from a particular type of website then you could hit trouble if that type of site falls out of favour with Google. By gaining backlinks from different types of websites then you are effectively spreading the risk.

Build backlinks over a period of time

When a website is two weeks old and it already has 100 backlinks then this can throw up a red flag to Google because it knows that the site is trying to artificially increase its search ranking via generating backlinks. It is therefore important to instead concentrate on generating your backlinks over a realistic and natural looking period of time.

Next steps

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November 30, 2014