Your New Control Panel and Other Good News

Dear customers, we have two bits of important news for you:

1.   The Control Panel system has finally been activated, so you are welcome to register and check your future orders there. Unfortunately, we cannot transfer your former order history from the old site version, but you can always view it on And from now on all new orders will be kept in your Control Panel on

deposits2.   We have also launched the Deposit Funds system. For all who have unspent deposits on the old site accounts: don’t worry – your money is safe and sound, it will be available within 24 hours on and you can go on ordering our services! Just enter your previous login and password on new SeoMall – and find yourself in your new Control Panel with your old personal information and money. You can fill up your balance with PayPal payment system. Deposit Funds is a great way to save your money: your discount is up to 30%, depending on the amount of a deal.

Sign up now and be the first one to check out the benefits of the new system!

February 28, 2013