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  • Nowadays Google creates more and more filters. It looks like a war between this Search Company and SEO. For example, Penguin decreased traffic of many sites. The followed updates of Penguin and Panda, continued to touch commercial sites. At the beginning of October Google began to delete sites from search results because of keywords in
    December 30, 2012 in
  • Matt Cutts, a director of Google spam-control department, announced in his twitter some changes in search algorithms. These changes will touch exact-match domains. The aim of this algorithm is to decrease the quantity of low-qualified sites in search results. He also wrote that the new update touches 0, 6% of Anglo-American search results. It works
    December 29, 2012 in
  • The developing and promoting of any website should always include optimization of each page in order to attract attention of Googlebots. If you want to create a Googlebot-friendly website you should know about how exactly these bots grade it and how to make them coming back and re-indexing your site. Googlebot is a generic term for