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  • The biggest traffic decrease usually happens during holidays or weekends. In spare days people usually have rest and have no time to be in the Internet. Below you can find other reasons, why traffic decreases. Seasonality. Sometimes traffic decreases in exact periods of time. For example, nobody will search in summer information about New Year
  • It can be said, that Internet is a big social network. Nowadays it becomes more and more difficult to attract visitors. At the present time, users become more attentive. They play by their own rules and select exact information, which they need. That’s why SEO-specialists are inventing new effective methods to attract users to their
  • 80% of visitors go to the first three websites from search results and only 10 % of them open the second page. That’s why all site owners do their best to provide their sites with the top ranks in search results. It is well-known, that site must be optimized and developed to bring more profit.
    January 17, 2013 in
  • Some site-owners prefer to publish texts, where keyword density is 10-15 %, but this approach is definitely wrong. Keyword density must be high, but not too high. Try to make your content easy to read. Provide your visitors with a wish to return to your site. It is well-known, that it is difficult for many
  • Twitter specialists developed “90 % accurate” gender targeting. It is not necessary for users to publish their gender, when they create accounts in twitter. But twitter developers found many signals to identify it. Of course, gender targeting is not exact.  As developers say, it is 90% correct. Specialists of marketing and advertising had a wish
  • Facebook will release a new service soon. It can compete with such notice boards as Craigslist. Now this project works in test mode. Facebook specialists inform, that this service will allow users to publish advertisements in different branches. The possible name of this project is Marketplace. It will place small advertisements in the friends feed.
  • Google continues to fight against cheats in the Internet. Recently, the representatives of Google told about new methods to remove all “cheat advertising” from web-resources. To analyze and follow up such advertising, google uses manual instruments as well as automatic methods of control. Such complex control helps to detect “cheat advertising”. All advertising blocks, which
    January 13, 2013 in
  • New bug was found in Facebook software. It helps cheats to enter some accounts without password. “Hacker News” reports, that it is possible to crack some accounts with the help of specially generated search requests. As experts say, it brought harm for 1,3 million users. Creators of this attack say, that it is not possible
  • According to The Wall Street Journal, Google was blamed for having agreement with Barak Obama and providing him with a cheat victory in the President elections. If to speak concretely, Google is blamed for supporting Obama’s campaign. Results of searching the requests, connected with Obama redirect to sites, which contain the name of the President
    January 11, 2013 in
  • The aim of each company is to cover as wide attendance, as possible. The wider the attendance is, the more successful the company is. The content of the site can be imagined as an anatomy of an organism. Below you can see scheme of this organism and an anatomy lesson for Internet-marketers. So, let’s look
    January 10, 2013 in