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    Is Page Title SEO Still Important? Yes! Page title SEO is still important in 2015. If anyone tells you otherwise, they don’t know what they’re talking about. While it’s certainly not the be all and end all when it comes to how your website ranks in the search engine, the title of your page plays
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      Best SEO Link Building Strategy in 2015? What is the best SEO link building strategy in 2015? Well, you can safely bet it’s not something that you read about on a four year old forum post. Even using information from last year is not wise if you want to have the best search engine
  • Most buyers consider the net profit made by the website annually plus some percentage higher than this amount. Suppose, for example, a website’s annual net profit amounts to $100,000.00 a buyer may multiply this amount with 1.5 and give an offer of $150,000.00 as the buying price for the entire website. Other than this, there
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  • Yes, of course, business is all about Sales. And sales is only possible given a marketing strategy and clear marketing goals. You have your marketing goals and the only way to reach your objectives is to do marketing consecutively and effectively. Effective marketing is possible only when you know what’s in your repertoire and forte,
  • Videos are effective if they carefully take into consideration the context of their target audience. The video serves as a connector between interest and conversion, by touching on the personal level with the possible questions and concerns of the interested party. Conversion videos should be substantive rather than promotional. Videos need not be solely focused
  • Email marketing has always been one of the most effective ways of promoting goods and services, if done well, and one of the most annoying and unwanted things, if done badly. You decide what way to choose. The most important point of proper email marketing is sending newsletters to proper people, i.e. representatives of your
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  • Google Company announced in their blog a new instrument for webmasters. At the beginning of this summer Matt Cuts promised in his blog, that the new instrument, “disavow links”, will appear soon. His promise came true. If you are sure, that some links affect your site badly, you can use this function. External links from
  • It’s not a secret that every website owner wants to get as much traffic as possible. And it’s good when this traffic costs nothing at the same time. So, this is the keystone of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! In order to get a lot of free traffic your website needs to be found in top
  • 1. Traffic from social media is useless. Traffic from social media is really not as targeted as traffic from search engines. But it also brings a great number of loyal readers. Traffic from social media is lower in quality, but bigger in quantity. 2. It is not essential to use social media by yourself.  Social
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  • The popularity of advertising texts grows rapidly. 6 years ago only few people knew, what copywriting is. Now the situation changed tremendously. Every day thousand of suggestions to create an advertising text appear in Internet. But in reality only small part of such texts can increase sales. Why it happens so? The reason is that