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  • If you wish to become a social media influencer, you are likely to predominantly excel on just one or two leading social networks, including perhaps TikTok. That doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the other social networks, however. Most successful influencers have at least some presence on all the main channels. You can use
    June 8, 2022 in
  • Network security tools and devices exist to help your organization protect not only its sensitive information, but also its overall performance (look here for more info). If your organization’s security tools are only reactive, you risk having critical information exposed or compromised while waiting for IT to catch the attack. As a matter of fact,
    July 17, 2016 in
  • Google local search
    Google local search is crucial. It was true in the past, it will be true in the future. if you do not understand what Google local search is and why the local search results matter so much, this article is exactly for you. Google’s new local algorithm has kicked local search up a notch of
  • facebook business page design
    Facebook reached a new level and boasts more than 1 billion functioning accounts. With billions of activities generated on Facebook daily, Facebook has become a must-have spot for companies, brands, film and music stars, influencers, charities, educational institutions, and others to communicate with customers and the far-reaching public of internet community. To open a new Facebook page
    April 16, 2015 in
  • creative-writing-rainbow-pens
    Content writing is a type of writing used by websites, networks or blogs. In professional circles people responsible for content writing are called copy-writers. Companies can write content on their own or hire a copywriter to do it. There are a lot of reasons why every website needs good content. In the article we developed
    April 15, 2015 in
  • google page ranking
    Due to the growth of internet technologies it is very easy to launch a website pretty, the emerging businesses as well as mature companies exist in the business world characterized an extremely high competition which makes promoting their brands online painstaking, and if you work in a company online getting a proof of income for
  • off page seo
    Rather than trying to learn about ‘off-page SEO’ and different methods that are used there, let’s first quickly review the basics of ‘on-page SEO’. On-page SEO includes all the components on your web page that you can change in order to make the website seen by search engines. For example: linking inside the website, applying
  • site map
      Sitemaps help search engines to learn about the existence of webpages on particular websites and start analyzing them. The basic concept of a Sitemap is an XML file with webpages URLs and additional informaion about each URL (the date of the last update, the frequency rate of changes, the significance level in comparison to
    March 17, 2015 in
  • robot txt seo
    What is Robots.txt? Robots.txt refers to robots exclusion protocol (REP). It is a text file website developers create for teaching robots the principles of crawling and indexing on the websites. Crib Paper Disalow all search engine robots crawling on all website pages User-agent: * Disallow: / Disallow a particular robot from particular directory User-agent: Googlebot
  • HelpIcon_Search_MetaTags
    A heated debate was ignited on the SEOChat Forums concerning an experiment with meta tags. Rest assured, it does not provide one single conclusion for all the marketeres, however it gives some evidence that meta tags are not crucial, at least in cases where SEO is concerned. SEO specialists use Meta Tags to determine the