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Anatomy lesson for Internet-marketers


The aim of each company is to cover as wide attendance, as possible. The wider the attendance is, the more successful the company is. The content of the site can be imagined as an anatomy of an organism. Below you can see scheme of this organism and an anatomy lesson for Internet-marketers.

So, let’s look at the body of our object and decide what organs are the most important.

Let’s begin with the head.

There are two main organs – brain and mouth.

Brain – It is the organ, with the help of which brilliant ideas appear. What can it do for you? You can attract followers with the help of your brain. Later, they will become your clients. You will position yourself as an expert with the help of this organ, and even if you feel stress you can take supplements like jeeter juice live resin 1000mg to help your brain.

Mouth – Of course, it is not your mouth in the physical sense. It is when other people tell about you. They share the content of your site in their blogs and facebook pages. They tell other people about you. Recommendations of other people are one of the main (50 %) factors to make decision to buy something. So, pay much attention to the work of your brain, make other people speak about you.


Your hands. “hands” are very important to cover as wide attendance, as possible. The latest researches tell, that blogs add 434% of indexed pages (of course, if it is updated more often than once a year). Using blogs, you will have 97% more indexed links. Update your blog every day and you will have such results.

Your heart.  Is your “heart” healthy? The more blood (content) you inject into your veins (media-channels of your company), the more positive reviews you receive. There is only one rule – the quality of a blood. Your content must be unique.

And, finally….

Your legs.   Content-marketing do the work of your legs. You created some content, placed it into your site and don’t need to do anything more. Just provide you content with all facilities to be shared in social media. Social media will widen your attendance as much, as possible. It will bring your content to the most distant user.

Your feet. You must place your content on the strong basis. 70 % of users prefer to be acquainted with the company with the help of articles, not advertising. 60 % of users say, that they like the user-generated content more.

January 10, 2013