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Analyse your Web page as ‘Googlebot’ does

27The developing and promoting of any website should always include optimization of each page in order to attract attention of Googlebots. If you want to create a Googlebot-friendly website you should know about how exactly these bots grade it and how to make them coming back and re-indexing your site.

Googlebot is a generic term for programs and automated scripts which “crawl” through the web and collect data from anything on the Internet.

These bots have a complicated structure and algorithms which analyze your website after new pages appear on it. They can also get to know about your new pages with the help of backlinks to these pages left on other web sources.

As soon as Googlebot gets to your site it immediately starts reading and analyzing HTML code of every page belonged to the site. It scans each tag, each symbol and each link. Now think about if your website is overloaded with flash banners, different scripts and hidden codes. The search robot will check all your pages and find out that your website has actually nothing useful. Do you think it will consider your website interesting for people?

Next action of the search bot is copying all your content from your website to the main database in order to index it later. If your website is relatively new and has not been indexed yet the indexing process can sometimes take up to 3 months. In order to hasten this process it is recommended that you do some social bookmarks for all your new pages. Social Bookmarking is a fast way to get your website indexed by all search engines. 100 Social bookmarks are usually enough for one single page.

It should be also noted that Googlebots do not pay attention to design and other beauties of your website. To date they only want to see relevant information. Usability of a site also matters now but it concerns only navigation, not visual elements.

But what exactly do these robots want to see on your website?

When the search robot starts reading your page it is trying to find a lot of things which seem important to its system. Your code and content are evaluated according to formulas of different algorithms. Search engines never disclose these algorithms, change them as often as possible and try to make them more useful for real visitors of websites. It is almost impossible toady to develop and build a website that would completely meet all the requirements of search robots.


But you have a chance to get an advantage if you include these elements to all the pages of your website:


1.       Keywords

2.       Internal Linking

3.       Meta Tags

4.       Titles


If you have no idea how to do it properly or if you want to check whether you have done it right or wrong, feel free to order our Full SEO Audit service. You will get answers to these and many other questions as well as you get all necessary recommendations concerning SEO for your website.

December 27, 2012