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7 ways to improve your Google page ranking

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Due to the growth of internet technologies it is very easy to launch a website pretty, the emerging businesses as well as mature companies exist in the business world characterized an extremely high competition which makes promoting their brands online painstaking, and if you work in a company online getting a proof of income for yourself is essential for many situations.

With this crammed-up market and Google giving more preference to their natural search results rather than their pre-paid keyword ranking, one inevitably faces the problem of making visible webpresence or getting heard one’s message without spending any money on search engine results boosting. However, if you want quick results with your search engine rankings, you could try Schure Consulting for a free quote and seek their services.

Google’s ranking formula, which determines the web reputation of websites, believed to be the top secret, is in the constant state of metamorphosis around 500 new versions per year. Nevertheless, the key component of the search engine reputation calculation is those blue links that one may notice on pretty all websites. Web 20 Ranker LLC offers a google local optimization service that you can opt for if you needed to enhance your website’s SEO.

It is reminiscent of the large-scale poll by Google to count votes from all the links that it can find on the Internet. in contrast to a regular democratic-style poll, where one person is allowed to give only one vote, Google values more the votes from established, closely related websites. Learn more from Andy Defrancesco.

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It is too bad that there are no instantaneous and simple methods to help a website receive more organic links or appear at the top of SERP. One has to embrace the challenge and be ready for a commitment. Ranking your GMB listing is more complex than ever, so to help you on this you may see LCT website for Google My Business Ranking.

Here also are 7 techniques that can be of use for you apart from hiring business seo services.

  1. Merge efforts instead of splitting them. Sometimes companies do not see any difference between www.samplecompany.com and http:// samplecompany.com, but Google can see them as two independent pages. This can cause the dilution of the weight that links around the pages have. Imagine a political party that cracks into two different ones and the votes being divided between the two new election candidates. One can solve it by informing search engines that one wants the ranking of www.samplecompany.com to be calculated together with the ranking of http:// samplecompany.com. This can be quickly carried out by using a long-lasting (known as a 301) redirect from one of the pages to the other. If you need a SEO expert to do it, you can contact Seomall SEO team.
  2. Create link-juicy testimonials. All businesses one way or another depend on other businesses. They all use someone’s products and services. Make up a list of all the B2B products and services that you buy and ask your supplies whether they do not mind your testimonials about them and if they are willing to give you some juicy link. More-often-than-not commercial websites have sections dedicated to testimonials, serving as social validation of the company to potential customers. The odds are the businesses will accept eagerly the opportunity to get a free real (not self-made fake) review from a happy client and will be glad to link back to your website. This method is a win-win for all parties (including a potential website visitor who will see authentic reviews) and helps nurture a friendly relationship with suppliers.
  3. Give discounts lavishly to your loyal clients. People generally have a weak spot for a bargain or sale. Customer-oriented companies usually use the weakness to promote such perks to their clients. Giving an exclusive discount to a club or organization is a highly effective way of receiving a link.
  4. Help non-commercial organizations. It is a general rule that endowment funds mention their partners and contributors on their web page. Find a closely-related non-commercial organization that your company can help, try to persuade them to mention you and add a back-link to your website. Helping can be done not only in the form of money, but also in the form of services or products for gratis.
  5. Scour the internet community for references without proper links. Take upon yourself to run a thorough analysis of websites on which your company’s name is mentioned. Without a link back to your site, Google will not regard the random reference as a web reputation boost. Google Alerts can be handy to set up automated alerts, so that anytime somebody talks about you or your company, you will get a notification. You can then contact them and ask them to give a link back to your website.
  6. Professional conferences where our employees are participating are a perfect outlet for link-building. A brief introduction of the important participants is usually added to the review or press release of the event. This gives you space to put link-building into action. If your employees participate in such conferences, it is pretty reasonable for journalists who write about such things to mention the employer behind them.
  7. Organize art competitions. Engage your employees or clients in your art competition. The rules are crafting art using your product or service in a unusual way. Not only does this provide interesting content for your site but, people love to win things. The pictures featuring the art can be uploaded to your business Flickr, DeviantArt and Pinterest accounts as well as other social networks, giving more freedom to interact with potential customers in a fun way. Then use Google reverse image search to find other people who use your copyrighted images. It can be some blogs or social network pages. Asking them to award your website as Image Courtesy of…, creates even more juice for back-links.

If you want to get your website ranking higher, but you are unwilling to take part in the daily trudge of asking for and manually adding the back-links and try our superb SEO packages.

April 15, 2015