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4 types of Search Engine Optimization

There are 4 main types of SEO. You can see them below:

  1. White SEO. This type of optimization follows all rules, which were developed by search engines. This process is rather long, because everything happens naturally – you just update your site frequently, exchange links with sites of the similar theme. You don’t even try to break rules, which were invented by search engines. Having a great SEO company on your side, such as the one on https://indexsy.com/, can help propel your site or business to greater heights.

    As it was already said, this process is rather long, but its effect will also be long. A reputation management agency will be able to help you grow online in a honest way.

  2. Grey SEO. The methods of this SEO type are not honest. Nevertheless, site, optimized with the help of Grey SEO, will hardly be banned for it. The most incorrect actions here are the counter windings, buying links, and so on. It is possible to increase your rating with the help of grey SEO, but don’t overdo it. It is the only way to avoid penalty from search engine.
  3. Orange SEO. This type of SEO helps to attract users with the help of different unusual methods. For example, when different popular keywords are placed into the text, which has no relationship to them. If you use this type of SEO, users, which were attracted to your site by popular keywords, will never return to it.
  4. Black SEO. This method fully bases on cheating search engines. Nowadays this approach is not perspective, because all search engines have very good algorithms.  It is easier to be banned than to cheat them.



January 3, 2013