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10 myths about social media development

1. Traffic from social media is useless.

Traffic from social media is really not as targeted as traffic from search engines. But it also brings a great number of loyal readers. Traffic from social media is lower in quality, but bigger in quantity.

2. It is not essential to use social media by yourself. 

Social media is not only an instrument to attract traffic. It is very important to help other users and to communicate. You should be an active social media user to do it. By the way, while using such sites, it is possible to understand their specific character, what themes are better to start with and what are discussed now.

3. Only big social media services are important.

In spite of bigger traffic quantity of big social media services (like digg.com), small media services are also very important. Small media services can give you targeted traffic, which is much better, than low-targeted traffic from big social media services. Moreover, articles from small media services are often redirected by big sites. Usually, competent users do it. That’s why traffic becomes higher and higher.

The number of your TikTok followers shows whether your content is valuable. As such, it is vital to grow your fan base.

4. To create content for social media means to create not interesting content.

To create articles for social media doesn’t mean that this content won’t be interesting for your followers. Popular posts will be popular not only among followers, but in all social media. Grateful followers will be happy to give their votes for your post. Especially they will be ready to do it with the help of widgets.

When you have an idea for an article and you are afraid, that it won’t be interesting to your followers, publish it not as blog post, but as the page of blog.

5. Article submissions in different social media services increase chances to require more traffic.

It is not so.  Every social media service has its unique audience with own preferences. You should submit articles, which your audience will like. For example, in http://habrahabr.ru/ audience doesn’t like articles about money gains. Especially they dislike articles with the form of “10 ways to….” You can lose all your readers after publishing such articles.

6. Development in social media steals a great amount of time.

Social media can borrow a great amount of time, but it is not essential. The creation of qualified content for social media is a creation of content, which is interesting for the readers. It can bring you positive replies.

But the creation of high-powered account on, f.e., digg.com, requires a big amount of time. But you can optimize it, spending only 20-30 minutes to it.

7. To promote your site in social media means to hang your site with a lot of widgets.

It is fundamentally wrong. A great number of widgets are a negative thing because of the reasons, which are below.

Firstly, with a lot of widgets your site loads slowly. Secondly, every button or widget ruins an effectiveness of loaded earlier. It is better to use not more than two widgets in your blog.

8. There is no traffic from social media and it means that you should forget it.

Do you remember item #2? “Social media is not only an instrument to attract traffic.” Your profile in social media services is a very strong instrument of communication. Social media is not only the tool of communication with other bloggers. It is the instrument of communication with other people and way to help them.

9. You mustn’t promote good content. It will promote itself.

Effective content has great chances to receive a great number of traffic without extra efforts. But it happens not every time. Maybe, your content will be on the first place in some media services, but it won’t be if nobody visits your site. You should “push” your article sometimes to provide is with a big number of responses.

10. It is an impossible task to receive traffic with Digg.com

It is easier to find yourself in the main page of digg.com if you already have a big auditorium, which will repost your post. But it is not the only path. Big success in article submission will bring the authority of user, who will submit your article. If your own profile is weak, you will have to search for user with big authority, who will add your article.

January 23, 2013